Cowboy vs Aliens vs Ninjas – Trailer (IndieGoGo Campaign)

Mike Gonzalez April 12, 2013 6
Cowboy vs Aliens vs Ninjas – Trailer (IndieGoGo Campaign)

Join the Dead Mushroom´s next game through our Indie Go Go campaign- “Cowboy vs Aliens vs Ninjas” is now in development, we have prepared various stages, enemies and weapons. But we want more! More enemies, bosses, more weapons, more stages, more features, more action! But above all, we want to get it all for FREE on the App Store and Google Play, and also launch the game on other platforms such as Windows / Mac / Linux, with improved graphics and gameplay. It´s an intense action game where the player controls the fearless cowboy known as Chuck West against hordes of uncommon enemies in the Old Wild West: ninjas and aliens. So, equip the most powerful weapons in a vast armory, that counts with common western guns and special alien weapon. Pick your best hat and your faster mount to fight against this invasion! Help us to spread: If you want to help us in others ways, share this content on Facebook and Twitter, or telling your friends about this great game!

LINK WHERE YOU CAN DONATE: We are a group of five best friends who realize one key point… without our friends and fans, we would be nothing. Over the course of the last year, Set to Reflect has transformed from an idea between friends, to a full-blown US touring act. With a 4 song demo and a full-length already written, the band is now preparing to take the next step and head into a professional studio. This is where the help from our friends and fans is more important then ever. During our last tour, when our vans transmission gave out, we were stranded in Anaheim, CA. with no money or way home. Since we didn’t want to cancel the rest of the tour and needed a way to get our trailer home, we ended up taking out an 000.00 loan, scrapping our old van, and buying a new one. After finishing the tour and making the trip home, we realized how truly difficult these circumstances had made it to gather enough money to record at a proper studio. After much consideration, and carefully sorting through every option, we decided that making an indiegogo would be the ideal choice for recording our debut full-length. We have spent countless hours writing, demoing, and re-writing this album. We could not be more proud of the outcome. Once we are funded, we will immediately book our time in the studio, and will be sure to spend every last minute there putting ourselves to the test to make this album perfect. As special incentive, we are recording a short film based

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  • deadmushroomgames

    I am glad you enjoyed the game so much! Stay tuned for updates!

  • Appyshka

    Had a great time playing the game! Simply hilarious!

  • zagan202

    i just want to donate bc of the tim and eric reference

  • HoldenN63

    I wish I could help you out but I can’t donate money from my country… -.-
    The payment options that you guys except arent available here ;[
    Man I hate this country…. can’t wait to move to the USA in a few years so i can also actually see some live shows!

  • UnrelentingSS

    “we’re not askin’ for a lottaa muney”
    Insert Priceless Facial Expression

  • PhonyFun

    xD love you guys

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