AVGN: The Movie (IndieGoGo promo – Fundraising campaign)

Mike Gonzalez January 25, 2013 20


  • dopethescope

    You can’t get $550 on your own? How fucking pathetic r u n ur partner..

  • Quikard

    Please help contribute to us, we are a team of two aspiring to start a business and we have also started an Indiegogo campaign to help us achieve our goal of only $550. (The smallest donation you can make is $1, but for $5 or more, you get Amazon Giftcards for whatever amount you donated!) We just launched our campaign and are at a lack of help thus far. Please go here to donate, and thank you, from the bottom of my heart. 🙂 Please go to our channel and look at our link (donate here) to donate

  • shaneneyome95

    Hay dude don’t listen. To all those times fags talking shit Cus they can’t do what you do I can’t what for the movie to come out sorry I don’t have any money to donate and p.s you video game is comeing along great.

  • Jared Wignall

    I wanted to donate, but money was tight during the fundraiser. I wanted not necessarily donate a lot of money, but an amount that would seem reasonable, like $50 or so. However if I see it’s at a film festival, I’ll by a ticket, and will at least be contributing in some way. Also I’ll by the DVD/Blu Ray when it comes out. I love this series, and I’m sure that the film will be great. I can’t wait to see it

  • cancerbero8

    you’re right, will do =)

  • CoDFan97

    ask him on twitter im sure he would read comments more there rather than on here

  • CBPCorps

    Dude, are you stupid? He wants donations to MAKE the movie. When this video came out, the movie wasn’t even close to existing. Now it is coming out in, about, spring 2013. A new game? Failed abortion begger?
    What are you saying?

  • cancerbero8

    James (or Mike or whoever reads this), I never got my perk for donating to the indiegogo campaign, who can I contact about this?

  • juan Pastorino Asuaga

    his comment was never valid

  • DancingMad80

    Everything this person said!

  • mattydigs

    If he had spent all of that on the movie maybe the effects wouldn’t look like shit.

  • mattydigs

    I don’t support Che.. just like the program 😉 There’s a difference between dick jokes and outright moronic puns.
    That comment was geared towards things done in the past. The endorsement of the cheetah men 2 re-release warrants such disgust.


    I assumed it had something to do with good old Che. I hardly see how you can mention him, and in the same comment, call ME a mongoloid.

    I expect to enjoy the movie very much. I’m quite low-brow, as you can tell, and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

    But regarding your comment, “No one should give this guy a single cent for anything,” are you just remarking on the quality of his work, or are you saying there’s something sinister going on?

  • mattydigs

    I understand. But I at least thought it would be funny. There was nothing funny about the trailer. By the way it’s ‘Bit Che’ as in Che Guevara, you mongoloid. Funny that you thought that was clever enough to post. You know.. someone like you probably would enjoy this movie.


    Wait, I’m not sure I do trust you. Do you have information the rest of us don’t? If you do, sharing it might convince more of us. Right now, you just look like a cheap little BitChe.

    I don’t know why you should be disappointed. Nobody’s pretending the movie is gonna be high art – it’s a cheesy, over-the-top comedy.

  • GreenLantern1993

    Get the fuck out of here.

  • youpooper18

    Your comment is no longer valid due to the fact that the movie is made and there is proof.

  • mattydigs

    I’m going to steal this movie from a torrent and most likely be completely disappointed. If you’d like to do this as well. 1. Download UTorrent 2. Download Bit Che 3. Wait until the movie has been out for a while and use Bit Che to find the torrent. 4. Download the torrent file and open it with Utorrent. No one should give this guy a single cent for anything, Trust me.

  • Chris Rolfe

    Everyone, don’t believe the hype. James Rolfe is a fraud that is not to be trusted. This guy doesn’t block people for nothing, he blocks people because he doesn’t want the truth about him to get out.
    Search up – AVGN Master Manipulator
    This video is from a guy who knew James personally. You’re gonna be shocked once you find out the truth about James, why he is really making his movie, and how he uses his fans to get himself over.

  • Gmoneyqdog

    Seriously though, James you should consider contacting them and hitting them up, I’m sure their beer will be featured in your film at some point. And advertising shouldn’t be free for large companies, I bet you could squeeze some dough outta them

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