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Mike Gonzalez March 17, 2013 12

www.indiegogo.com Thanks everyone for donating so much to our IndieGoGo page to get the AVGN Movie going. Behind the scenes, my team and I have been working very hard to get everything ready for the shoot. The filming could take place any time between January and May 2012. It’s time to make a damn movie.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • NyGardaGaming

    This will marked as spam probably or deleted by Mike but to be honest, was this fundraiser necessary? I mean, James makes money off of his YouTube channel (A quite big amount I assume), his website (Cinemassacre, which gets new hits DAILY), from his merchandise (T-shirts, overpriced dolls and DVDs or what not), from his cooperation with ScrewAttack and from other various projects/events that he gets paid for and don’t get me started on the whole Cheetahmen II fiasco that James got paid to do.

  • Mrkimaburrido

    James, will you release the movie on internet or something? Just asking, I am a Spanish fan, sooo can’t really go to america and see it D=

  • Quikard

    Please help contribute to us, we are a team of two aspiring to start a business and we have also started an Indiegogo campaign to help us achieve our goal of only $550. (The smallest donation you can make is $1, but for $5 or more, you get Amazon Giftcards for whatever amount you donated!) We just launched our campaign and are at a lack of help thus far. Please go here to donate, and thank you, from the bottom of my heart. 🙂 Please go to our channel and look at our link (donate here) to donate

  • Muhammad Masood

    Nooo! Why Mozilla Firefox? Upgrade, and go to Chrome, Google Chrome!

  • HalibelsFaccion

    Oh wow! Great the goals were reached, can’t wait to see the movie! 🙂

  • shinhawk

    The only idiots here are Tele Shaka and you. Especially noticeable when your comments show that you have no understanding of punctuation, grammar, capitalization, or even spelling.

  • Shopliftfilms

    You most not know how much movies really cost. Gummo had a budget of 1.3 million and that’s a shitty movie. He has put a lot of time into making videos for his fans. He has made me laugh countless times. So I would have no problem donating to one of his movies. If you have never made a movie then end it man. Its a big process!

  • Kristofer Björnsson

    Because the plan was to get a corparate sponsors for the movie but the goal got reached beyond their goal so they made it just themselfs

  • Amorak TS

    The movie is gonna suck! Biggest bomb of 2013!

  • bonapartist

    WHAT AND HOW AND WHERE THE FUCK is James using a macintosh? Why? Why? Why? Why would anyone who gives a shit about gaming, who knows square one about intellectual rights and property, who wants to be able to have an unlocked system, OWN or ENDORSE Macintosh? Wtf?

  • Tele Shaka

    right, now go eat the nerds ass out again

  • milkwad

    I remember when I used to make movies and wanted to be a filmmaker one day. Then I realized how much of a pain in the ass it is.

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