Anna Caranta and Diego Martinez Chronicles their Eight-Year Travel Around the World Through Words and Art

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Anna Caranta and Diego Martinez Chronicles their Eight-Year Travel Around the World Through Words and Art

UPDATED: 1/16/15

Nomadic Family Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Their Book, The Other River

December 11, 2014— “We started traveling six years ago with the idea to travel to Mexico for a year and then come back to Argentina. But as time passed by, we forgot about coming back.”

This is the story—the love story—of Anna Caranta and Diego Martinez.

It took them two years to get to Mexico and from there crossed over to Europe and then to Asia, now with two addition to their family, their two children born on their trip. The couple hopes to share their story of travel and love on their tandem bike to the world through their book, The Other River (El Otro Rio).

They have created an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to have it published in Spanish with an English translation. They aim to raise $15,034 from November 25 to January 24, 2015.

“Our major project is to build a strong bridge between us and others, to share years of experiences, of living and feeling, as well as our view of the world that surrounds us,” says Anna, who has taken notes of their travels while Diego creates artwork inspired by it.

The Other River will contain stories of Anna and Diego’s experiences while on the road across the globe, their love for each other and for new discoveries, as well as their adventures as a nomadic family. Anna used to be a student studying cinematography while Diego is a banker. They decided to leave their careers behind to travel the world and live a nomadic lifestyle.

Anna shares, “We thought to travel for one year and then return to our sedentary life, but we soon adopted a nomadic life, to discover the world in which we live, their people and ourselves. Passionate dreamers, we make the reality a way of life with love and fantasy. Now with two children born on the trip, we will soon jump back onto our tandem bike (a bicycle for two) and, all together, continue onwards to new horizons.”

Through the Indiegogo campaign, Anna and Diego hopes to raise enough funds to finish and publish The Other River’s first edition, which will be 2,000 copies in two languages each, Spanish and English. The funds will be divided into paying for English translation costs, book cover design, printing of the book, and marketing. Well-known Argentinian designer, Diego Bennet, will be working with them to create the book cover design, with contributions from experimental polish designer, Pawel Maliszczak.

Backers of the campaign will be receiving original and Indiegogo-exclusive gifts, such as postcards with the book’s cover and Diego and Anna’s photo, stickers, digital editions of the book, paperback copies, original reproductions of the books’ illustrations created by Diego, and many more.

To find out more, visit Diego and Anna’s website:

About Anna Caranta

Anna was born in Paris, France, from an Argentinian family. She grew up dreaming about Argentina, tango, its language, and the whole Latin American culture that is her roots. From then on, she knew she wanted to be a traveler to first discover Argentina and then the world. She studied Photography and Cinematography in Paris and, when she was twenty years old, she flew to Argentina with a one-way ticket, knowing that from then on, her life is going to change.

About Diego Martinez
Diego was born in Pringles, Argentina. For many years, he dreamed of traveling the world. He finished his studies and worked as a journalist and then as an economist in Buenos Aires for 8 years. One day, he met Anna and since that moment, he knew that his life has changed.


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