3D Racers Launches Indiegogo Campaign for First-Ever Smartphone-Controlled 3D Printed Car Racing Game

Mike Gonzalez March 4, 2015 1
3D Racers Launches Indiegogo Campaign for First-Ever Smartphone-Controlled 3D Printed Car Racing Game


February 6, 2015— Marco D’Alia believes he is born to be a developer. Now, he has harnessed all his experience and passion to create 3D Racers, a car racing game that allows users to create their own 3D printed car and control it with their own smartphones.

D’Alia and his team of developers and engineers have created an Indiegogo campaign to raise $25,000 from February 1 to March 5. The goal of the crowdfunding campaign is to further enhance the features that they have already completed, such as Battle Mode, Simulation Mode, and add Career Mode and Tinkerkit Mode. They will also be able to add 9 new cars through the campaign, as well as create 11 new accessories.

3D Racers is fully customizable and comes with a companion mobile app, open hardware, and 3D print service. It is the first indie physical game that is 3D printed, community driven, moddable, fully open source, and with a simple, familiar, and engaging gameplay inspired from video games.

According to D’Alia, users would just need to design the game online and download the design for free, download the game, 3D print the car, and start racing through the smartphones or mobile devices. D’Alia collaborates with 3D Hubs to provide 3D printing services. Users can create their own car design and purchase the 3D Racers Pilot electronic board to attach to the car and control it.

The car comes in various models such as Corvette, Pickup, Armageddon, Delorean, The Tank, Dune Buggy, Monster Truck, and many more. All are fully customizable and open source.

The electronic board comes pre-programmed and ready-to-go. Users will also receive all other required parts as well as battery. Meanwhile, users can control the cars through their mobile devices or through a separate dedicated controller that is 3D printed as well. This controller also serves as a secondary battery charger.

Through the game, players can race through automatic lap counters, play in strategic mode with pit-stops and warm-ups, or even try the Battle Mode where they have a turbo feature as well as several power-up. In addition, users can also get an optional track where the 3D Racers can run. The track is created from PVC mat and is durable and waterproof. There are also paper craft models of trees, gates, tires and hay bales, which enhance the 3D experience.

In return, backers of the campaign will get various aspects of the whole 3D Racer experience, such as Track Parts, BareBone Kit, free 3D printed car design from 3D Hubs, Pro Kit, Complete tracks, and so many more.

To find out more, visit www.3dracers.com.

About Marco D’Alia
Marco has worked in IT for over 10 years. Now, as a startupper, he has founded several companies such as commercialista.com, fbposter.com, and preventivirc.it. He has taken his experience, knowledge, and competencies to take care of the financial and marketing needs of his projects.

Email: info@3dracers.com

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