15-Year-Old Eric Gyamfi Seeks Indiegogo Funding for Garage Sale App

Tiffany Reyes June 8, 2015 Comments Off on 15-Year-Old Eric Gyamfi Seeks Indiegogo Funding for Garage Sale App
15-Year-Old Eric Gyamfi Seeks Indiegogo Funding for Garage Sale App

UPDATED: 5/8/15

April 17, 2015— Garage sales are a great way for many individuals and home owners to find items that they would otherwise pay a comparably high price if bought brand new or from a store. For those who want to be wise about their spending, or just don’t want to put used items to waste, 15-year-old Eric Gyamfi has created a convenient solutions: W-Sale.

W-Sale is an online marketplace that brings together garage sellers and interested buyers all over the United States. This platform allows users to use their smartphones to find garage sales close to where they are. It will also open more potential customers and buyers for garage sellers. In addition, users can also post images and descriptions of their sales and post pictures of items that are for sale to attract customers.

Gyamfi is not letting his age stop him from making his vision a reality so now he is launching an Indiegogo campaign to raise $25,500 so that he can develop and complete the platform and bring W-Sale to everyone.

According to this Maryland-based tech enthusiast, he has come up with the idea for W-Sale from his mother who loves garage sales. He thought: “Wouldn’t be cool if there was an app to show you where all the garage sales are in the area?” He then joined forces with Zapporoo to help him make his platform come alive.

From what started as mock-up drawings of his concept and the app that he wants to create, Gyamfi is now gearing towards developing the app. According to him, W-Sale will have plenty of features that are not available in the marketplace or in any app today. Although the programming has not yet begun, his vision is solid. His focus lies on creating an app that will help users find the garage sale nearest them as well as spread word about a garage sale someone wants to conduct.

Gyamfi aims to release W-Sale on both iOS and Android platforms as well as through several app stores such as AppsLib, Samsung Apps, Amazon App, and many more.

In return, backers of the campaign will receive ‘Thank you’ credits on the website and social media, as well as be placed in the Donors page in the website.

To find out more, visit W-Sale.

About Eric Gyamfi
Eric is a 15-year-old tech enthusiast born in Washington DC. He has been raised in Maryland and now lives in Frederick, Maryland with his twin sister and parent. At a young age, he has a vision for making people’s lives better and he aims to channel his passion for technology by getting into a Technical Institute after graduating from high school.

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