Equity Crowdfunding: Could It Make You Rich?

Mike Gonzalez April 25, 2014 2
Equity Crowdfunding: Could It Make You Rich?
Equity Crowdfunding: Could It Make You Rich? (via www.mybanktracker.com)

Crowdfunding is the process of raising money for a particular cause, event, or product to help fund its cost. Instead of applying for bank loans, people can post their projects on crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter and Indigogo to sway people…

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  • Bill

    This article was spot-on for the new and innovative landscape that is equity crowdfunding. The people at the SEC have the blinders of the last 80 years of early stage investment preventing them from seeing the light and value of equity crowdfunding as an effective and efficient marketing and funding tool that will drive the US economy by providing simpler access to capital if the crowd votes yes on your concept. The crowd is going to provide the due diligence on startups and the crowd brings many minds, options, and perspectives to bare on the company. What better way to evaluate the evidence. Crowd sourcing is King!!

  • Contribbr

    Instead of focusing on making ourselves rich why not focus on genuinely helping people? I’ve developed contribbr.com for that reason – almost as a mission to help people in my area.

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