BIKE PetZ Kids’ Bike Accessory Rolls Out on Toybacker

Mike Gonzalez March 27, 2015 Comments Off on BIKE PetZ Kids’ Bike Accessory Rolls Out on Toybacker
BIKE PetZ Kids’ Bike Accessory Rolls Out on Toybacker

March 22, 2015— Part toy, part art project, part bike accessory. This is BIKE PetZ, a kids’ bike accessory made of foam and is specially designed to add fun to every child’s biking activity.

BIKE PetZ is created from a special foam and is cut out to form animal head and tail shapes that can be attached to the bike. It is also packaged with water-based markers that would allow children to have fun personalizing their own bikes and their BIKE PetZ.

Mompreneur Cynthia Caronna has created BIKE PetZ to encourage children to enjoy physical activity and the outdoors, while at the same time urging them to be themselves—to let out their individuality and imagination through their creativity.

“A simple family bike ride can be an adventure for children, especially when your bikes are PetZ, like Dinosaurs, Unicorns, Ponies and Sharks!” says Caronna. “Activities with our children create memories for a lifetime and family traditions for generations. BIKE PetZ want to help turn your family bike rides into lifelong memories for your children.”

According to her, it is important to feed a child’s imagination because it helps establish self-worth, enhances problem solving skills, and helps build self-confidence. In addition, allowing children to be physically active brings a range of benefits for children, physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Among its many benefits include enhanced emotional well-being, controlled blood sugar and weight, and strong heart and lungs.

BIKE PetZ comes in different animals such as shark, horse, dinosaur, and more. Caronna, and her team of family members who helped her bring the idea of BIKE PetZ to life, are also planning to add seasonal PetZ, and many more.

BIKE PetZ easily fits onto any bike with its universal Velcro attachments. It also has reflectors that provide visibility and safety. The package comes with markers that can be wiped clean anytime children want to change the color and design of their PetZ.

Caronna’s roadmap for BIKE PetZ includes a rollout date on May this year.
“After our roll out we will seek licensing agreements with college and professional teams, NASCAR, theme parks, zoos, and other destination locations,” says Caronna. She also aims to soon come out with PetZ equipped with LED lighting and sound.

For now, she seeks help from the crowdfunding community. She has started a Toybacker campaign in order to seek funding that amounts to $5,000 until March 30. The funding from the campaign will help bring BIKE PetZ into production, to be sold through their online store, online distributors, as well as through toy stores and bicycle shops across the country.

Backers of the campaign will get perks such as ‘I Love BIKE PetZ’ sticker packs, founding certificates, exclusive first run dibs on BIKE PetZ, ‘Team PetZ’ jerseys, Founding Team profile on the BIKE PetZ website, and so many more.

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About BIKE PetZ
Bike PetZ are customizable foam animal silhouettes, which transform bicycles into Ponies, Dinosaurs, Sharks, Unicorns & more!!

Phone: 504 416 6000

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