How to Use Social Media Marketing for Crowdfunding

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How to Use Social Media Marketing for Crowdfunding


Marketing is a key aspect to the success of a crowdfunding campaign, and one of your greatest marketing tools is social media. Social media marketing is especially important to crowdfunding because it allows people who want to contribute an opportunity to get to know you. Of course it also allows people you do know to find out more about your business or project.  Here’s how you can utilize social media marketing for your campaign.

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Start a Blog:

Blogging is a free, easy was to inform contributors of all the details behind your project. It’s important that your backers feel that they are part of the process, and a blog is a great way to do that. A blog will allow you to document each step more thoroughly than other forms of social media and links to your blog can easily be emailed or shared via social media. Blogging encourages a deeper communication with your backers which will further make them feel included.

Use Twitter:

Twitter is a great tool to gain exposure to your project. Twitter will expose your project to a very large audience nationwide. If you use Twitter correctly, many people will likely share your project with others and potentially endorse it. The more people you can get talking about your project the better, this will give your project more credibility. Though rare, Twitter even brings the potential of celebrity endorsement of your project. To get the ball rolling, tweet 5-10 times a day and reach out to about 5 key people in your industry.

Facebook Pages:

Create a Facebook page for your business or idea. Make sure that name of the page is clear and concise. The way the new Facebook update works, when someone “likes” your page it will be shared with their friends on the newsfeed. This is a great way to gain even more exposure and referrals. Make sure that your website link is readily available and post interesting content. Facebook posts should be entertaining and photo-oriented, this way they are more likely to get shared.

Promote on Pinterest:

Pinterest is a great way to promote and market your campaign through images. Be careful and make sure that any images pinned will easily link back to your website where people can learn more about the project. Again, this will open up your audience to thousands more potential contributors. Choose the pinned images wisely and make sure that they are eye catching and will be likely to get shared.

Be Mindful:

In order to be successful with social media marketing for your crowdfunding campaign be mindful of the fact that social media runs 24/7. A “fan” or follower might comment on something late at night, positively or negatively and it’s important that you respond in a timely manner. These outlets need to be used and updated daily. It’s just as important to engage with followers as it is with your backers. Be tactful when responding to other users and remember that your project’s social media pages are part of the brand.

Ask for Help:

Join an online crowdfunding community where your project will be shared and promoted on other outlets as well as social media. You can gain further exposure and get to know other people within the community. Some of these will publish press releases and other information directly to news and media outlets. This is another great way to draw in backers if you feel that you’ve run out of options on your own.

Once you’ve started a crowdfunding campaign, it’s important to use social media to promote it. Using these outlets correctly can bring in additional backers, press, and eventually lead to a successful campaign.

  • Chau Nguyen

    great read.. i need to get a more active blog, that’s for sure.. and what about google+?

  • ricofojas

    no donations for my campaign yet any suggestion

    • Fazal Ahamed

      @rico: Get you project out in the local community first. Depending on your project scope, target the potential investors. Approach the local news communities to talk about your project. For Example: I am in Singapore. A married couple appealed for help through a local news blogging website. The website name is The Real Singapore. The Real Singapore posts all its news on its facebook page. Facebook is magical,Facebook is free. This appeal for help through facebook page of The Real Singapore did wonders in seeking funds. It manages an incredible U.S.D 21,000 in just 4 days. Isnt that amazing..?

      Their facebook post garnered 277 shares, 255 likes and 98 comments.

      The effect was VIRAL.

      Check out the link on their website.

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  • Keith

    Don’t forget about the new trend of using crowdspeaking platforms like They are MUCH easier than asking people to share, like, re-tweet, etc.

  • MkiahWilliam3

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