DETENTION!, First eBook Series for CREEP BUSTERS, Takes Off at RocketHub

Mike Gonzalez July 15, 2014 Comments Off on DETENTION!, First eBook Series for CREEP BUSTERS, Takes Off at RocketHub
DETENTION!, First eBook Series for CREEP BUSTERS, Takes Off at RocketHub

DETENTION!, First eBook Series for CREEP BUSTERS, Takes Off at RocketHub

(PRESS RELEASE)—July 10, 2014— Two amazing voiceover artists agreed to team up on an up-and-coming animated project. The problem is, there are no animators.

This is why Maureen Nolan has created a RocketHub campaign to raise $5,500 until August 18. Maureen aims to raise funds for the first episode of her first-ever multimedia digital series called CREEP BUSTERS. The first episode is titled “DETENTION!” and, like the whole series, is created and written by Maureen.

The story for CREEP BUSTERS revolves around new kid at Buxton Junior High School named Danny Brannigan, and his two new friends, nerd Griffin and jock Jodi. Together, the three fight against an ancient mysterious evil entity. ”CREEP BUSTERS was the result of three long years of research, story development and writing. A two-part pilot script plus full show bible/treatment, the tween-targeted CREEP BUSTERS came close to being optioned by the TV development department of a major media company. But their bosses ultimately passed because it’s safer—investment wise—to put money into producing a project that already has a fan base,” shares Maureen.

So for Maureen, CREEP BUSTERS has to gain exposure through another media and from there start a children’s media franchise. With the help of Les Csonge, partner and manager of digital publishing firm YUDU Media, they can create an eBook that comes with text, music, and interactive animation. Instead of creating content solely for the screen, the children’s series will be delivered in the form of multimedia. Les will assemble the eBook for free while Maureen will find ways to bring together people to work on the graphic art, music and sound design, voice-over artists, and animation. She already has professional voice over artists Bobbi Owens and Alexander Allen on board.

Through the RocketHub campaign, Maureen hopes to cover costs primarily for animation, as well as graphic art and music. “At this stage, we are trying to raise $5,500 to hire an animator to produce animated clips and sequence to include in the two-part eBook of DETENTION! The funds will also go to music, sound, illustration, and voice over. She adds, “[The] CREEP BUSTERS content isn’t just another set of fantasy fictions for younger audiences. The stories are culture-based and will inspire cross-cultural discussions among audeinces.”

In exchange for their pledges, backers can get rewards, which include personal creative consulting services with Maureen herself. Voice over artists are also willing to offer one-on-one mentoring sessions. In addition, backers of the campaign will be invited to the launch party at Amigos on Broadway and 113th, with a chance to have an episode and eBook include a character based on the backer’s child. Other perks of the campaign are copies of the eBooks, the whole CREEP BUSTERS eBook series, ‘Thank You’ credits, and more.

Visit the RocketHub campaign page for more information.

About Maureen Nolan
Maureen Nolan is a writer and documentary film researcher, who also works as a creative consultant for scripts and stories. She spent the first part of her career as a top story analyst for Miramax Films.
She lives in New York City.

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