On to the Nitty-Gritty: Kickstarter Veteran Tom Elion Teaches Kickstarter Crowdfunding on Udemy

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On to the Nitty-Gritty: Kickstarter Veteran Tom Elion Teaches Kickstarter Crowdfunding on Udemy

Hesitating about that Kickstarter campaign you’ve been wanting to launch for your startup company? Or are you having second thoughts on going to Indiegogo for your cause? You think you have the best product that the world is just dying to have, but you don’t know how to start your crowdfunding effort? There may be books, blogs, all sorts of articles online on how to begin that campaign and even go past your goal, but for a foolproof way into the nitty-gritty of crowdfunding, you have to hear it straight from the experts and successful campaigners themselves.

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Tom Eilon, a crowdfunding expert and founder of Thinkubator Partners where he helps startups grow their business, has launched an online course on Udemy, titled Hack Kickstarter: 6 Experts Reveal How They Did It. His online course consisting of 45 lectures features six success stories of veteran crowdfunding campaign starters:

    •    Matt Johnson, who raised over £122,000 (819% funded) for the Touch Board, a tool that contains 12 electrodes that trigger a sound via built-in MP3 player, making projects interactive, responsive, smart and just a little more fun. He started his campaign October 29 and ended November 28, 2013.
    •    Antony Evans, who, over the course of his 44-day crowdfunding campaign (April 24 to June 7 2013), raised over $484,000 (744% funded) for his Glowing Plant project, which uses synthetic biology and genetic engineering to create luminescent plants, a step towards sustainable energy.
    •    Mark Windsor, who raised over £37,000 (477% funded) from February 18 to April 4, 2013 for his bicycle multi-tool called The Nutter.
    •    Benjamin Redford of Projecteo who, from November 14 to December 19, 2012, raised over $87,000 (484% funded) to manufacture his miniature Instagram projector that uses wheels of 35mm slide films.
    •    Paul Cocksedge, who from May 19 to April 28, 2013, raised over £100,000 (290% funded) for The Vamp, a small device that you can connect to any traditional speaker and allow it to deliver high-quality sound via Bluetooth.
    •  Adam of Manuka Makers that raised $396,111 for project Precision Gyroscope on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/manukamakers/precision-gyroscope

On to the Nitty-Gritty Kickstarter Veteran Tom Elion Teaches Kickstarter Crowdfunding on Udemy 2

Tom’s Hack Kickstarter course has more than 2000 students and most of them are looking to get tips on how to start and run their own Kickstarter campaigns.

The course is a comprehensive and detailed how-to on creating a successful Kickstarter campaign. Through the six experts, the course teaches students the basics of a Kickstarter campaign, as well as tips and guidelines on tackling common obstacles of crowdfunding. The course shows students the motivations behind each successful crowdfunding campaign. It also teaches students on setting the most suitable and practical pricing reward levels, maximizing social media coverage and handling taxes. It also gives practical tips on which day of the week is perfect for launching the campaign.

Tom’s Udemy course is basically a How-to-Guide-for-Dummies of crowdfunding, whilst being brief, straightforward and intelligent. Each Section ends with a summary in the form of a checklist on important campaign activities like Planning, Marketing Setup, Campaign Video, Campaign Launch, and Post-Campaign Delivery. Tom also shares his own experience with successfully raising funds for Manuka Belt, a reinvented belt with magnets. Furthermore, beyond the lessons, the course offers an insight into how your crowdfunding should begin and end with the “crowd” in mind, and the funds raised are a by-product of effectively connecting to people. 

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Udemy, an online education destination offering free and paid courses on topics ranging from sophisticated digital technology to the simplest, most common skills, is getting a lot of attention and fanfare as one of the breakout sites of an online education variant more widely known today as MOOC (massive online open course).

About Tom Eilon
Tom Eilon is a crowdfunding expert, geek and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Thinkubator Partners, a company that focuses on helping startups grow their business.

Tom launched one of the first Kickstarter projects, following Kickstarter’s launch in the UK and successfully raised funds for The Manuka Belt (The belt reinvented with magnets) in 2013.

Tom was able to connect with Kickstarter veterans and entrepreneurs and regularly brings them together once a month over dinner, and called the meeting Thinkubator. Thinkubator gives entrepreneurs and crowdfunding specialists a chance to reveal their biggest problems and concerns in private, while in return get advice and support from each other. The Thinkubator network has since grown to 100 trusted and knowledgeable entrepreneurs, consistently helping each other to succeed.

Prior to Thinkubator Partners, Tom was Head of Product and Strategy at venture-backed startup, Metail, and has also worked on Atomico Ventures, the venture capital fund set up by the founder of Skype.

Tom holds an MA in Natural Sciences (Physics) from Cambridge University and an MBA from INSEAD. You can follow him on twitter, where he shares cool products and random musings as @tomeilon.

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