Popular on BackerClub This Week – August 21 2015

Mark Baker August 24, 2015 Comments Off on Popular on BackerClub This Week – August 21 2015
Popular on BackerClub This Week – August 21 2015

Popular on BackerClub This Week – August 21

Here is the weekly roundup of the most popular projects on BackerClub.co this week:

#1 – The Everyday Messenger Bag

With nearly $2 million in funding in the first 20 days of this project, The Everyday Messenger has quickly become the most popular bag in the history of Kickstarter.
The Everyday Messenger™ is a beautiful, intelligent and adaptable messenger bag designed around the workflows of photographers, creatives, travelers and commuters. It’s more than a camera bag, it’s your day-to-day essential carry workhorse, and it does things other camera bags can’t.
BackerClub Supporters – 106
Pledged by BackerClub members – $26,164


#2 – BedJet v2


Hack your body’s natural sleep biorhythms with intelligent bed cooling & warming – wake up more refreshed & obsolete the alarm clock. BedJet v2 is ultra-fast climate control made just for your bed.
BackerClub Supporters – 69
Pledged by BackerClub members – $23,463



#3 – GlocalMe Kills SIM Card and Roaming Pains


GlocalMe G2 -World’s first global Wi-Fi hotspot featuring free roaming, advanced smart UI, and worldwide SIM-FREE Internet access
BackerClub Supporters – 80
Pledged by BackerClub members – $8,576



#4 – Thin Ice: Weight-Loss Clothing

Thin Ice: The Very First Weight-Loss Clothing Line. Burn an estimated 500-1000 calories a day. Just by wearing your clothes!
BackerClub Supporters – 49
Pledged by BackerClub members – $7,670



Honorable Mentions:
#5 – Mosaic: Make your phone amazing in the ways it’s not! (45 BackerClub supporters)
#6 – #FreeYourFeet with the world’s most minimalist footwear (77 BackerClub supporters)
#7 – HELIX: Wearable Cuff with Stereo Bluetooth Headphones (54 BackerClub supporters)
#8 – COOLMORE: A Simple Desktop Air Cooler, Cooler & Fan (99 BackerClub supporters)

Mark Baker is co-founder of BackerClub and a huge crowdfunding enthusiast.  BackerClub.co is an exclusive Club for Kickstarter and Indiegogo super-backers.   Currently there are 2,473 members who have backed 310,267 projects!  The average member has backed 124 projects and the average project that is featured in BackerClub receives $1,633 in new pledges from Club members.  Join as a member or submit your project!

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