Top 10 Crowdfunding Projects on BackerClub This Week – September 16, 2015

Mark Baker September 21, 2015 Comments Off on Top 10 Crowdfunding Projects on BackerClub This Week – September 16, 2015
Top 10 Crowdfunding Projects on BackerClub This Week – September 16, 2015

Popular on BackerClub This Week – September 16

Here is the weekly roundup of the most popular projects on this week:

#1 – The Everyday Messenger Bag
The Everyday Messenger Bag

With nearly $2 million in funding in the first 20 days of this project, The Everyday Messenger has quickly become the most popular bag in the history of Kickstarter.

The Everyday Messenger™ is a beautiful, intelligent and adaptable messenger bag designed around the workflows of photographers, creatives, travelers and commuters. It’s more than a camera bag, it’s your day-to-day essential carry workhorse, and it does things other camera bags can’t.
BackerClub Supporters – 193
Pledged by BackerClub members – $48,625


#2 – Bruvelo. Simplify & elevate your coffee.
Bruvelo. Simplify & elevate your coffee.

Incredibly compact, smart and beautifully simple. It was built to do one thing and everything in between: Brew. Amazing. Coffee.

The Bruvelo is more than just a coffee maker, it’s a fully integrated pour over brew system that was developed with one objective in mind – to brew the best cup of coffee possible. With a built-in grinder and perfectly optimized ratios, temperatures and steep times the Bruvelo sets the bar on single-cup coffee makers.

Use the mobile app to start your morning ritual after your alarm goes off.
BackerClub Supporters – 50
Pledged by BackerClub members – $14,161


#3 – The Sensel Morph: Interaction, Evolved.
The Sensel Morph:  Interaction, Evolved.

The Sensel Morph is the first pressure-sensitive, multi-touch input device that enables users to interact with the digital world like never before.

The Sensel Morph offers a new generation of multi-touch interaction, powered by our patented Pressure Grid technology, in the form of an input device that allows people to interact with computers and programs in a whole new way. With its high dynamic range of force sensitivity, The Morph can detect not just your fingers but any object, from a paintbrush to a drumstick.

BackerClub Supporters – 39
Pledged by BackerClub members – $10,092


#4 – mostfun Pro 3D printer
mostfun Pro 3D printer

“A good 3D printer should be reliable and easy to use. It should require no manual to go through to get it started and should always deliver steady performance over the long term. This is exactly what we want to bring to you with the ‘mostfun Pro’.”
mostfun Pro is a reliable, plug&play FDM desktop 3d printer.
We have spend a lot efforts on two most important things, the design of product interaction and the engineering of the extruder.
mostfun Pro will let you really enjoy 3D printing.It will bring more amazing for your life,more convenient for your work,easyer for innovation.
BackerClub Supporters – 22
Pledged by BackerClub members – $9,885

Honorable Mentions:
#5 – 3Dsimo mini
(94 BackerClub supporters)

#5 – PUMP Air – The Coolest Bluetooth Speaker
(31 BackerClub supporters)

#5 – Pearbuds – Fashionable Wireless Earbuds
(64 BackerClub supporters)

#5 – VacuumClicka™ – The World’s Best Portabl
(121 BackerClub supporters)

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